Blended Butterfly


Jennifer G - "I love Connie!! I will follow her anywhere. I have an autoimmune disease that can really be aggravating,. She is patient with me, listens to my ups and downs, and helps my body rejuvenate."  

Jeanne P- " I think Connie is a part of the wellness equation. I refer to her often and hate when I miss my time on the table."

Steve G- " I was not convinced that anyone could help me after the doctor said that I was bone on bone. I thought at 80 what could I expect? After the first session I had an increase of my range of motion. After 3 visits I had no complaint of pain. I can now show my horse in one session."

Pat W. - "In Germany we had a different holistic system, honestly when it comes to my body I go to Connie first, if she can't help she will lead me in the direction I should go either exercise, chiropractor, or specialist. She is very wise for her age and truly knows her stuff. My husband says she sees us in 3D."