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Hey Guys!!! It' s me... Connie

Welcome to my website!  I am so excited to start my new business, Blended Butterfly, please view the site and schedule your appointments soon.

My mission is to have a variety of services to help people obtain optimal wellness. I want to help people transform into the person they want to be.

As a licensed massage therapist, I teach people how to counter act the every day wear and tear that is put on their bodies; focusing on movement, lymph, and fascia tissue. As a licensed aesthetician, I educate the importance of basic everyday skincare and custom blend make-up: foundations, blushes, lip stains, and eye shadows. As a Sports Rehab Specialist, TLS weight loss and Integrative Health Coach; I help people create a new lifestyle of wellness: including meal planning, exercise routines, goal setting, and accountability.

My mission  is to help people in chronic pain, to give women one skin tone that matches their neck, and to help people live healthier, happier lives. 

Wishing you wellness and beauty,

Connie Tate, Blended Butterfly


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