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Many American's have issues with their gut in some way: indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, gastric pains, constipation or diarrhea. But the average gut still has to have the right environment to break down foods and convert it into chemicals that make reactions happen at a cellular level in our bodies. We need nutrients from our food to create energy, burn or store fat, fight toxins, and redox free radicals.  

It's not all our fault! Yes you may hit the drive- thru more times than you care to admit but even the good foods we have now, just don't have the amount of nutrients that our grandparents had. They also have more chemicals than ever imagined. Not to mention that the majority of our fresh foods we get out of Big Brand Stores are not locally grown or not grown in a proper environment. 

Which means that we need to take supplementations in order to obtain the minimal amount of added nutrients to benefit our bodies. Most cheap vitamins have binders and fillers that keep us from getting the serving size listed on the bottle. Personally I hate swallowing pills so when I found these vitamins I was hopeful. But when I studied the science and tasted them I was totally excited!!! YOU MEAN I CAN DRANK MOST OF MY VITAMINS AND NOT SWALLOW A HANDFUL OF PILLS!!  COUNT ME IN!!!

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