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Custom Makeup

In my journey of exploring my talents I discovered a love for makeup. I started esthetics school over 11 years ago, in order to find out more about the problems of the skin; particularly, African American skin. I then fell in love with makeup and quickly found that every makeup is not good for you. And not many match our skin. Many women use multiple foundations to match their color, even after the major store brands produced new shades. I decided to custom create foundations in order to give clients exactly what they match their skin tone, to be lightweight, and to be natural. 

In many years of research and disappointments I ran across a company that fit my needs... MOTIVES COSMETICS.

In my mineral powder and botanical liquid bases, I am able to make Foundations, blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, tinted primers, and tinted SPF moisturizers. I can also enhance with hydrating, anti- aging, pore minimizing, mineralizing, and oil minimizing additives to suit your skin needs. 

Please schedule a 1-on-1 skincare transformation  

                It includes a skincare consultation and recommendations, custom foundation and a setting powder and basic application. LET ME BE CLEAR I DO EVERYDAY MAKEUP NO DRAMATIC BEATS!!! I want you to be able to recreate a look everyday.  

Fill out a skincare analysis to see where we should get started.


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